Social responsibility

The SA8000 regulation disciplines the respect of fundamental principles of the Social Responsibility of an enterprise such as the ban on the use of child and / or forced labor, the health and safety in the workplace, the freedom of association, the absence of discrimination, the correctness of disciplinary procedures, respect for working hours, correctness of wages.

Mont-Ele's social responsibility management system was certified on January 28, 2020 according to SA8000: 2014®. This certification attests the validity of the actions implemented by the Company and the Social Performace Team.

The SA8000: 2014® management system represents for Mont-Ele the general operational context by virtue of which the organization is able to ensure complete compliance of its performance in the area of ​​Social Responsibility with reference to the requirements of the Standard.

The Mont-Ele Management therefore reiterates its commitment to keep the SA8000: 2014® Management System effective and operational and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Internal and external subjects (interested parties) can make complaints and reports regarding ethical and social behavior aspects with reference to SA 8000 at the following addresses:

* Mont-Ele: Via Santa Chiara, 12 ¬ 20833 Giussano (MB) - Italy

* TÜV Italia: Via Carducci 125 and 23 ¬ 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) - Italy

* SAAS: 15 West 44th street; 6th Floor ¬ New York, NY 10036 - United States of America



Below there is the letter of commitment to respect the principles of Social Responsibility that we send to our suppliers and that we ask them to return to us signed for acceptance.