July 2021


Mont-Ele's social responsibility management system, certified on January 28, 2020 compared to SA8000:2014®. has been subjected to verification by the TÜV during 2021 with a positive existence. This certification certifies the validity of the actions implemented by the Company and the Social Performance Team.

The performance indicators defined and monitored by the Social Performance Team are all positive despite to the fact that the past year has seen the addition of several problems related to the numerous delivery deadlines during the pandemic.

In particular, with regard to safety, the severity index in 2020 has decreased compared to 2019 and does not raise concerns about the correct management of the safety management system.

The analysis of the results finds that the application of the SGSSL keeps the level of injuries very low for temporary disability; irrelevant for permanent incapacity and for cases of death.

The Social Performance Team met regularly and examined the implementation of the improvement actions in progress, in particular those relating to the involvement of Mont-Ele suppliers in the application of the principles of Social Responsibility.

About 250 letters were sent and there was a 57.71% percentage of adherence to Mont-Ele's Social Responsibility Policy. The letters of adhesion were sent together with the pre-qualification questionnaire to over 30 new suppliers inserted in 2020, including suppliers of products and services.

Individual interviews were also conducted with a specific questionnaire related to safety and social responsibility aspects to staff of service providers operating in the factory, in order to increase the involvement of suppliers.

The Management of Mont-Ele therefore reiterates its commitment to maintain effective and operational the SA8000:2014 Management System® and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

In particular, during the last Management Review (which also concerns the topics of the other Mont-Ele certifications: ISO 9001-ISO 14001-ISO 45001- EMAS) which takes place with the participation of the RLS, the following objectives were confirmed:

  • Maintenance and improvement of communication and participation on the issues of Social Responsibility of all employees.
  • Maintenance or improvement of the relative SA 8000 indicators

or        the involvement of suppliers

or        employee training

  • Maintenance of safety indicators at the maximum level with particular reference to the indices of frequency and severity of accidents


The SA8000:2014® management system represents for Mont-Ele the general operational framework by virtue of which the organization is able to ensure complete compliance of its services in the field of Social Responsibility with reference to the requirements of the Standard.

Finally, please note that both employees and external parties (interested parties) can make reports regarding aspects of ethical and social behavior with reference to SA 8000 at the addresses indicated in the appropriate section of the website.