11 MAGGIO 2023


The Mont-ele social responsibility management system, certified on 28 January 2020 with respect to SA8000: 2014®. it underwent a three-year renewal by the TUV in December 2022 with a positive outcome. The six-monthly audit of June 2023 was passed without problems and without Non-Conformities.

This certification certifies the validity of the actions implemented by the Company and by the Social Performance Team.

The Social Performance Team met regularly to examine the implementation of improvement actions in the application of the principles of Social Responsibility.

The performance indicators defined and monitored by the Social Performance Team are all positive and in particular as regards safety, the severity index in 2022 remains at level 0 and does not raise concerns about the correct management of the safety management system.

An internal survey carried out through a short questionnaire submitted to all workers had a largely positive outcome, confirming the level of knowledge and awareness of Mont-ele workers on social responsibility issues.

The Mont-ele Management therefore reaffirms its commitment to keep the SA8000:2014® Management System effective and operational and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Finally, it should be remembered that both employees and external subjects (interested parties) can make reports regarding aspects of ethical and social behavior with reference to SA 8000 to the addresses indicated in the appropriate section of the website